Pool FAQ

Pool Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is being provided to help share Pool related question and the answers.

Many families are counting the days until summer begins and the Fenwick swimming pool opens Saturday, May 27.

A few significant changes will affect how residents use the pool this year.

Unfortunately, lifeguards will not be at the pool this summer. Our previous pool management company ceased pool operations, so a couple of Board members spent the winter looking for a different company to provide lifeguards, but were unsuccessful. None had the available time and resources to maintain our pool in addition to their current clients.

Perhaps we can again hire lifeguards in the future if it is deemed necessary and we can hire a reputable manager. Nowadays, it’s unusual for a neighborhood pool to have lifeguards, so we may do fine without it.

Opening Day:                Saturday, May 27

Pool Hours:

    Tuesday to Friday         10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Saturday and Sunday    10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    Closed Monday.

Answers to many of your questions are below. If you have an additional question, please email it to fenwickcommunity@gmail.com.

#1  How will people enter the pool?

A keycard system has been installed to allow residents to enter through the pool gate. Each home may have one keycard. A form is enclosed in this newsletter that explains how to request a keycard for your family.

#2  How will the pool be monitored?

The keycard system tracks which keys are used to enter the pool area. A new security camera system will monitor the clubhouse and pool areas in case of vandalism or serious problems. Also, a loud ringing bell will now sound if the gate is left open for more than a minute. Closing the gate will silence the bell.

Our pool is for Fenwick residents only plus a limited number of residents’ guests. If the gate is left open, people from other neighborhoods will sneak in. That will increase the number of people in the pool; increase our operating costs, including wear and tear on the furniture, toys and equipment; and it is state law that the gate remain closed for safety purposes.

#3  How old must a child be to go to the pool by his or herself?

Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Also, parents and guardians will be held responsible for their children’s activity at the pool. Breaking this age rule or any other rule could lead to termination of pool privileges. The keycard system will track which keys are used to enter the pool area. If we determine which children entered unaccompanied, those keycards will be switched off to no longer open the pool gate.

#4  Will bathrooms still be available?

Absolutely, the clubhouse bathrooms will be available during open pool hours. They will be cleaned once per day on weekdays and twice per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

#5  Who will close the pool each day?

The Frogs swim team will take over the pool at 8 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those group leaders will direct people to leave if necessary.

The company hired to clean the pool area and bathrooms will be in charge of directing people to leave and locking the pool gate on the  other nights. If residents or guests are uncooperative, we will make other arrangements and contact the police if necessary.

#6  Why did our 2017 annual dues include a fee for lifeguards?

The budget included a pool management company that would hire lifeguards. At the time the budget was created, the Board did not know we would not have lifeguards or that the previous pool management company would be unavailable.

The budget was prepared in September 2016 to meet the bylaws’ requirement of Board approval 60 days before the annual meeting, then the budget was posted on the clubhouse bulletin Board for homeowners to view. It was determined in March that we could not find a new manager to provide lifeguards and it was necessary to make other arrangements.

#7  What expenses will take the place of lifeguards?

There are new expenses with the installation of the new keycard and camera systems to monitor the pool. New signage and the gate buzzer are also an added expense. Previous expenses still remain, such as the additional duties lifeguards performed that residents and professionals will now perform. Those duties include: check and maintain water chemicals; clean the pool, deck, furniture and bathrooms; empty trash; and unlock/lock gate at beginning/end of day. Other expenses will be determined as the pool season progresses.

#8  Will homeowners receive a refund of the lifeguard expense?

If funds remain after all pool-related expenses and other maintenance incurred during the year, the funds may be returned to homeowners by lowering next year’s dues.

#9  Should homeowners have voted on whether to discontinue the use of lifeguards?

The HOA has a Board of Directors to make operational decisions (although this was not a decision the Board wanted to make).

A homeowner vote would be required if we proposed changing any part of the association bylaws; or if the Board proposed constructing something that requires future funds from homeowners to maintain. In those cases, yes, a vote of homeowners would be necessary. But not in this case as to whether or not the pool should have lifeguards.

#10  When is the monthly Board meeting of the main Fenwick HOA that oversees the common areas?

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Clubhouse. And, yes, we can always use more volunteers and suggestions! But please also consider offering your help on the Board, a committee or a project.

If you would like to join the Board and have a voice in these decisions, as well as a responsibility in carrying out all HOA business, nominate yourself by completing the Board nomination form found at fenwickcommunity.org or request the form by emailing fenwickcommunity@gmail.com.

Fenwick does have a management company; however, its role is mainly to do bookkeeping, pay bills, prepare annual dues invoices, coordinate collection services, handle mail and phone calls, provide gate access in gated areas and manage clubhouse reservations. All other work in the neighborhood is performed or coordinated by your neighbor volunteers.

We welcome all volunteers to be part of the solution to make this a successful pool season. Let us know if you would like to help!